British Standard BS8213-14 and Window and Door Survey and Installation

Fewer than 50 window companies in the UK hold a British Standard, or a Kitemark in Surveying and Installation. Considering there are over 14,000 window companies in the country, the proportion is not many. British Standard BS8213-14 is specifically for surveyors and installers, whether conducting window and door replacements or for new projects.

In the UK, standards cover glass for specific applications, extrusions, powder coatings, and security. The home improvement market here is highly regulated and standardized, yet many window companies have overlooked one important standard. Most companies, however, realize the importance of the Kitemark or Secured by Design designations to customers. This is often not addressed by surveyors and installers, or related services offered by window companies.

Every company praises their installation quality – all this takes is the basic About Us section. Some companies employ fitters or surveyors; others rely on self-employed contractors. Customers still need to check on adherence to British Standards and the company’s credentials. Making a sound investment depends on this step.

Standardized Surveying and Installation

One specific standard covers the surveying and installation of windows and doors. Written to address residential window installations, few home improvement companies follow this standard. It recommends options such as materials for non loading bearing windows and doors. Also included is guidance on surveying and installation practices regarding windows.

The companies holding the standard are not more or less capable than others. This just exemplifies how many window installers and surveyors are not formally qualified. Few are in fact. The truth comes in the face that it’s not hard to obtain the Kitemark/British Standard. All it takes is an analysis of the company by BSI. The organization learns what it needs to do to become qualified using manuals and references to regulations. Assessments and inspections related to installation methods, fixing methods, measuring, and more uphold the designation. For Kitemark, companies can even choose self certification.

The Standard Offers a Unique Selling Point

Obtaining BS8213-14 should be a unique selling point. Small window companies are often confident in their services. They might not depend on the standard, as much of the industry has chosen not to. Since so few have obtained the standard, doing so opens the door to greater reputability and provides an edge over competitors. Quality of service, word of mouth, and longevity are also good promotional points but many businesses can point to these.

A Kitemark or British Standard helps a company stand out. Also, many choose to buy fabricated products; the competition does too. Again, hardly anyone holds the standard so it is an opportunity to stand out and use it as a marketing tool. Think about what advertising a standard so few hold could mean to customers.

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