Is Aluminium or PVCu the Better Choice for Windows and Doors?

Window and door shoppers often go online to look up the benefits of aluminium or PVCu. Material selection queries are seen frequently by Google, yet some still don’t have an answer as to which is actually better. Companies selling one will advise against the other just to retain customers. They’ll even discredit aluminium yet it has proven advantages over plastic.

Aluminium allows for a slimmer frame and is more durable. Pricing remains a concern for most customers and is typically the deciding factor no matter how detailed a comparison is made. It is easy to mass produce PVCu windows and therefore they are cheaper. An aluminium product is hand crafted, more expensive, yet more desirable when the cost difference is not the main issue. This is also preferred by architects.

In regards to thermal efficiency, energy ratings guide the customer in making choices. Both materials are available in the same high efficiency models. When it comes to life span, aluminium beats plastic because it can survive up to 20 years in great condition. That’s rare for PVC windows especially if they are regularly exposed to the elements. Metal with a polyester powder coating is often guaranteed for up to 25 years.

Aluminium is also a winner in the environmental argument. Research and the results of many studies prove this fact. It is also more versatile in the types of applications it can benefit. Windows made of PVC are suited mainly for residential installations even though businesses and schools have installed them. The foot traffic in a school, shop, or commercial setting is too much for a PVC door, while windows will not last long in high moisture or dirty environments.

Newer building developments contain few PVC windows. Another benefit of aluminium is its security. A strong material, it does not require reinforcement and passes standards beyond the minimal requirements set by national organizations.

Aluminium windows were produced before PVCu ones. They were silver anodized and built into a hardwood subframe. These single- or double-glazed products also featured externally beaded aluminium. Similarly, the first PVCu windows had identical designs to their metal counterparts and were externally beaded. Plastic beads were found to be too weak, so manufacturer’s then resorted to internally beaded windows.

What it comes down to is the likes of the customer and affordability. Discussions on materials raise product awareness, so the debate continues and customers are well informed on the options they can choose from. Still, it is important to outline the benefits of aluminium over PVCu to window and door buyers.

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