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What Direction is the Bifolding Door Market Heading?

Bifolding doors have become extremely popular in homes and offices. The market has had a huge impact on the entire fenestration industry. Customers have requested these doors in huge numbers in the construction industry and the market analysis proves it. Patio doors and conservatories remain popular. Market reports as of late may be predict even […]

Reducing Lead Times on Aluminium Windows

A window fabricator was recently highlighted in the news for working to reduce aluminium lead times. It began carrying extra stock to address the longer lead times in the sector, when compared to PVCu. The goal was to work on the same schedule while producing aluminium windows. In fact, there have been improvements to the […]

Is Aluminium or PVCu the Better Choice for Windows and Doors?

Window and door shoppers often go online to look up the benefits of aluminium or PVCu. Material selection queries are seen frequently by Google, yet some still don’t have an answer as to which is actually better. Companies selling one will advise against the other just to retain customers. They’ll even discredit aluminium yet it […]

What Makes an Aluminium Window or Door Unique?

Aluminium windows and doors are versatile and affordable. They can be installed in almost any setting and contribute to an energy efficient lifestyle. Each order is unique as the product can be custom fabricated. Color is one option available. Many customers prefer black, graphite grey, or slate grey, but other colors yield a sleek and […]